RSM Pakistan



Minimise risk, maximise returns.

We understand that a variety of factors and tensions come into play when you’re dealing with complex transactions. Whether you’re making an acquisition, forming a strategic alliance, raising or investing capital or releasing funds through a sale or restructuring, you need advice that is sound, practical and innovative.

Due diligence is important in helping you make a decision regarding a new strategic business acquisition or venture. The purpose is to investigate the records of the target to supports it value. It is important to receive reasonable assurance regarding the target financial condition and value, and an in-depth understanding of the targeted business, identification of critical success factors, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses.

A variety of transactions support services offered.

  • Business Solutions: We can help you in the preparation of a feasibility study, financial projections & the designing and structure of a model business plan, identifying key performances indicator, and implementing a cash monitoring system.
  • Divestment Advisory: Maximizing the strategic and financial value of transaction(s). In addition, we maintain numerous close relationships with active domestic and international buyers.
  • Business Turnaround: Determine the scope and composition of the problem, regain control of the cash flow and help in creating a self-sustaining and reliable return to its stakeholders. Our services in this area include debt restructuring/rescheduling cash management, investor and lender assistance, and insolvency services assistance in takeovers, mergers, acquisitions, reconstruction or reorganization of a business covering financial evaluation ad pre investment reviews.
  • Pre-IPO Advisory: We can help your company through the whole process of share listing or bond issuance from the planning stage to the actual listing. During the entire process, we will identify issues that need to be settled and improved. We will also assist you in preparing the Information Memorandum/Prospects and any other financial information required for the listing process.